Patek Philippe

название бренда

A watch is one of the few decorations that a man can wear. It is the kind of accessory that emphasizes success and reliability. A watch immediately introduces its owner; it shows how a man treats himself and life in general. Therefore, it is important to choose the style and brand of the watches seriously. By the way a brand is largely a determining factor in the selection process.

Patek Philippe is a brand that is known first of all for its production of complex and precise mechanisms, and what is more important – Patek Philippe does this task brilliantly well. In addition, this brand considers the continuous improvement of the mechanism’s accuracy and design to be an essential part of work.

The company was founded in Geneva in 1839 by two immigrants from Poland - Anthony Norbert de Patek and Francois Capek. Sometime later Jean-Philippe Adrienne, a watchmaker and an engineer, became Patek’s partner. This is how the current name of the brand appeared. Due to Patek and Philippe we now have an opportunity to set the clock going with the help of a head without any special key. Philip has also invented a mechanism that allows us to count every second with the help of the second-hand lugging down. Later, they invented a mechanism that helped to create the first automatic watch. Patek Philippe also patented the sophisticated technology of mixing 18-carat gold and cobalt.

About 50 years ago, Patek Philippe produced the first series of the classic men's watches, called “Calatrava” (the title of company’s symbol), a decorative cross. Their simple and elegant design is of still very popular nowadays.

Some Patek Philippe watches that were produced in the XIX century are in good condition and still functioning. Of course, each of such watches deserves to become a museum piece or to be kept as a family heirloom and handed down from generation to generation. If you have a rare copy of Patek Philippe watch, which was released no earlier than 1839, the company will confirm its authenticity with a special certificate and, if necessary, it will help to restore the history of that watch.

The company prefers to produce watches in limited series, without using any line production. The average batch is typically less than 16,000 copies a year. Watches of this brand are among the most expensive watches of the world. The main value is not even the materials these watches are made of, but the work of the clock masters and designers that resulted in real masterpieces. Each detail of the watch is handmade, then within a month a watch passes a lot of tests. It takes nine months to make one watch. It was the highest quality and the unique style that brought the masters of Patek and Philippe a worldwide fame. Lots of celebrities wore the watches of Patek Philippe at various times: Queen Victoria, Albert Einstein, Leo Tolstoy, Pyotr Tchaikovsky and many others. If you are a lucky owner of this watch, you can truly to appreciate the best quality and you can afford it.

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