Harry Winston

название бренда

Harry Winston is one of the most expensive and prestigious world brands.

Its founder is Harry Winston who was new in this business, but due to his unique taste and exceptional talent his name has becjme known to the real connoisseurs of high watch making art.

The first watch of the company was released not that long time ago – in 1989. The company was then quite popular and won the hearts of its first admirers while Winston’s son Ronald was running the company. He came up with an idea to extend the company’s range of choice by starting the production of more expensive chronometers.

You can sell Harry Winston’s watch for a very good price if you come to an honest consignment or pawn shop.

The first collection of chronometers produced by the company was called The Ultimate Timepiece. The models in this collection caused great sensation. Little time passed and watches became not only beautiful accessories, but also a real symbol of luxury, success and good taste. In the upcoming collection Harry Winston produced its watches in limited range that is why they are very highly appreciated nowadays. Any consignment or pawn shop of high-class watches will accept the chronometers of Harry Winston.

The company produced several collections during the time of its existence with models of different types – casual watches, luxury watches that deserve to become a part of the collection of the real connoisseur. Different Harry Winston’s watches will be a good match for a person of any style. For example, the model called Ocean is perfect for everyday use while Avenue and Premiere are good for a formal dinner party.

One of the peculiarities of chronometers is their unique and outstanding design – the best professionals of Switzerland worked on their mechanisms and that is why they are considered to be one of the best in Europe.

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