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La Chaux-de-Fonds is a small Swiss city that became the centre of the world’s watch making in the past 200 years. The most famous watch museum in the world, the offices of some big watch making companies and the headquarters of the watch manufacture Girard-Perreguax are situated there. The company was founded many years ago in 1791 by Jean-François Bautte. The company received its name when the director Constant Girard decided to get married with the girl whose name was Marie Perregaux. Soon Girard became the director and did a lot to make the manufacture highly successful. Numerous interesting projects appeared while Girard was running the company.

1889 became a very important year for the company, because it was then that it received a big order from the German navy. At that period of time watches ere not so popular and such an order was the first step to gain fame. Nowadays watches have replaced pocket watches completely. It is difficult to explain why so many people did not like watches at first. Though Girard-Perreguax brand is not so popular in this country, shops that buy quality watches are always ready to accept them. This brand is extremely popular in the USA and Europe.

Though the quartz technology develops rapidly, classical mechanisms still have their admirers and it is quite clear why – their works are simply fascinating. Girard-Perreguax brand has its unique style, they are highly recognizable. It makes them even more desirable. Every exemplar is very strictly controlled and goes through a number of inspections. That is why the customers can be sure that chronometers are very reliable.

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