название бренда

Cartier is a very reputable watch and jewel making company. The first Cartier manufacture was founded in 1847 in Paris. The company was established by and developed rapidly. In 1867 Cartier jewellery was displayed in Paris at the World Fair. In 1874 the son of Louis-François called Alfred Cartier began to run the company. But it became famous worldwide only when his sons started to manage it. In 1888 Cartier produced the first watch under its own brand. Some time later Louis-François and his son Alfred started their business in London and soon became the court jewellers at the royal houses of France, Spain and England.

In 1904 the world famous pilot Alberto Santos- Dumont expressed his dissatisfaction about inconvenience of the usage of the watch during the flight and his good friend, Louis Cartier, created a square watch. Santos-Dumont wasn't the only person who admired the model. Many other customers of the jeweller’s house started ordering the same watch. It was the first wristwatch designed under the Cartier brand. It was called “Santos” as Santos-Dumont inspired its creation. In 1899 Cartier-senior moved to Paris still keeping the control of the manufacture. In 1906 Cartier released another jewel watch and in a year it hired Edward Jaeger who started to design mechanisms for Cartier exclusively. The company began to put special numbers on the models they sold which made them unique. Cartier watch shops were open all over the world. One more important event took place in 1906: the company was appointed as the court jeweller for Tsar Nikolai II after exhibiting its watches in the “Hotel Europe” in St.Petersburg. In 1909 Cartier opened an office in New York. The company started to cooperate with Charles Jacqueau who remained faithful to it till his very death. Several years later Cartier bought a mansion in Fifth Avenue to rebuilt it inot a manufacture. In 1912 the company displayed its new models called Baignoire and Tortue that are still extremely popular nowadays. In 1917 another model was born. It was called Tank as its design had been inspired by the English tanks. There are about 30 types of this model nowadays. In early 1920s Jacqueau Cartier became the head of the London office. After the death of the last Cartier brother the company had been sold to its owners in shares, but 10 years later it revived again. In 1973 the boutiques of this brand were open in 20 countries around the world.

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