название бренда

Breguet is a high-class watch brand.

The history of Breguet started in 1775 when a young watch maker  Abraham-Louis Breguet  decided to open his own showroom in Paris. It took very little time for Breguet watches to become popular among Parisian upper-class society. At the beginning of the French revolution young entrepreneur decided to move to Switzerland. But already in 1795 he made a decision to move back to France. There he reopened his showroom and began to design a new work both for simple watches and for watches equipped with a repeater. Since 1801 the brand had started to gain popularity all over the world. The entrepreneur cooperated very closely with Russia at that period of time. “The Russian Breguet House”was even open in St. Petersburg. The watchmaker received numerous awards during his long career. In 1999 the two companies Breguet and SA Swatch merged into one to their mutual benefit. Breguet has probably designed and advanced more technologies in the world of watches than any other manufacture. These technologies are still very popular among other watch makers.

In 1780 Breguet presented a new mechanical self-winding watch. Three days later the company introduced the gong. In 1790 Breguet began to design a «pare-chuté» - the first watch shock-proof system in the whole world. At the beginning of XIX century the company patented the first tourbillion – the work that countervails the influence of gravity upon the watch work.

A lot of celebrities used to wear Breguet watches. For example, Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander I, Queen Victoria, Winston Churchill, Vladimir Putin, Svetlana Medvedeva, the wife of ex-president of Russia Dmitriy Medvedev, Alexander Kudrin and Patriarch Kirill. The brand was frequently mentioned in classical literature. For instance, in Pushkin’s poem “Eugene Onegin”or in Brodskiy’s poetry and Aleksandr Kuprin wrote a whole story called “Breguet”.