название бренда

Bovet is a brand of high-class Swiss watches. Édouard Bovet who established the company was born into the family of a craftsman Jean Frédéric Bovet. When he was a young man he went to the capital of England together with his brothers Alphonse and Frederic to learn more about watch making. At that period of time London was considered the place where the most talented watchmakers lived.

In 1818 young watchmaker started working at the factory called Magniac; later he left for Canton harbor that was the only Chinese port that admitted foreigners. In 1822 the entrepreneur and his brothers opened their first shop with watches. It quickly became successful and it was decided to take the factory to Fleurier. In 1830 Édouard came back to his home city with a four-year-old-son born on Macau.

After 10 years of work Frederic, his brother, came back to Switzerland and became the director of the company that at that time had no less than 175 workers. In November of 1840 Bovet family established one more company which they called “Bovet Brothers and Co.” They invested about one million Swiss francs in it.

The middle of the XIX century was probably one of the most crucial periods for the watch making industry. The watches that were produced at that time are still very highly appreciated nowadays.

Édouard Bovet died at the end of 1840s, but his company remained alive and thriving. Six years later it received the medal for a special model of a golden watch that was made for the Chinese emperor himself. In 1864 the company was bought by two manufacturing representatives in Fleurier. Brothers kept on producing and selling watches for some time, but in 1901 Alphonse and Frederic stopped their business completely and sold the factory at the auction in Paris for 100 000 francs. In 1918 the company became the property of Jacques Ullmann and Co. from a Swiss town of La Chaux-de-Fonds and in 14 years the company was closed. But not forever.

The company was revived in 1997 due to the efforts of Pascal Raffy. After several years the production of the Bovet watches has considerably grown and Raffy tried to hold to the traditions as much as possible.

One of the main characteristics of Bovet watches is their unique face. It takes an artist about 250 hours to create one face. The work is done in 7 stages: sketching, the laydown of the main tinge, the laydown of the drawing itself, multiple charring in the furnace, the laydown of five layers of special polish, the drying, the laydown of marks and holes (some models are also decorated by gem stones). There is one more peculiarity: some models are the absolute reflection of each other. In fact, this tradition has a very simple explanation: Édouard Bovet sold two exemplars of watches to the same customer in China for the price of one - if one watch was broken it was taken on a long journey back to Switzerland and the customer could meanwhile use the copy. This was warmly greeted in China where there is a belief that paired things help to hold the worldwide balance. Besides, at that period of time the journey from China to Switzerland was long, so this tradition was perfectly understandable.

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