Need to sell your watch in Dubai?

Скупка швейцарских часов в Москве

REPEATER is a resale and work shop which presents you with the perfect opportunity to sell your luxury Swiss watches. We are not a pawnshop; we do not pay insufficient or unfair prices in exchange for pawned articles. We buy pre-owned Swiss watches, pay good money for them, and offer warranties.

Our experts will assess your watch and give you a fair quote. You can rest assured that REPEATER is ready to offer you the best price. You will get the money on the spot- the very day that you visit us.

Our clients are reputable, well-off people. We take no chances when it comes to your confidentiality and privacy. Whether you decide to sell a watch you no longer want or decide to buy a new one, your information will remain safe. If you urgently need to get the money, you can trust that no one will ever learn where you sold your watch or the price you were paid in exchange for it.

Online assessment

To help you sell your Swiss watch, our experts offer free evaluations online.

You need to fill out the form on our SELL page and fill in all of the fields. In a few hours, our experts will contact you and give you a quote.

Hours: Monday to Saturday from 10 7 p.m.

Please note that the most accurate assessment of the watch can be performed only at the shop.

We DO NOT BUY the following brands of watches: Gucci, Hugo Boss, Certina, Rado, Raymond Weil, Longines, Tissot, Appella, Auguste Reymond, Bulova, Certina, Frederique Constant, Swatch, Versace, as well as digital watches and watches of domestic producers.

Sell your watch in Dubai

Are you wondering, ‘Where can I sell my luxury Swiss watch?’ Many people make the mistake of going to a watch pawnshop or a Swiss watch shop. As a rule, they give you a price that is lower than you deserve.

We offer a new way. Visit our pre-owned Swiss watch shop and our experts will tell you what the real worth of your chronograph is and will offer you a price that fits its true value. You can get the money on the spot.

Who may need to sell watches?

The resale and workshop, REPEATER, is known as a reliable partner for Swiss watch fans. Our clients are collectors, businessmen, and officials. They are all brought together by their mutual passion for Swiss watches.

Like all accessories, Swiss watches better compliment specific styles and ages. If a person’s fashion style has change, an old watch may not match with their new wardrobe. Some people may get tired of a brand they have always preferred. That is why our clients often feel the need to sell their watches that they have worn for years and buy a different model. At other times people may simply need a way to get money fast. In this case, selling your Swiss watch is a sensible thing to do.

The resale shop and workshop, REPEATER, is ready to help you and buy your chronograph for the best price. We will assess your item and will even help you chose a new model.

How do we buy Swiss watches?

The easiest way to sell your watch is to call us and visit our office. Bring your item so that we can evaluate it and buy it that very day. We understand that our clients have little free time, which is why we also offer other ways:

  • Upon request our expert will visit your home or office to examine the item carefully
  • You can request an online evaluation. Please read the details on the Assessment Page.

You can contact us via number: +97 155 415 96 96

You can also request a callback: