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Dubai’s resale shop and workshop, REPEATER, offers accurate assessments of Swiss watches. Learning the real worth of your watch is essential when selling it.

In addition to offering in-person examinations at our office, we also offer free online evaluations. We want to save you time by making your job simpler. All you have to do is fill out a form and submit it. In a few hours, our watch expert will contact you and a preliminary price will be named.

Online assessment

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Why is it important to evaluate a watch before selling it?

Watch evaluation is a complex process which requires great expertise. There are a great variety of Swiss-manufactured horological devices from various brands, all of which exhibit unique technology and workmanship. These are among the countless factors which greatly affect the price of a watch and must be considered when making an evaluation.

Furthermore, due to the large circulation of bootlegged and knock-off Swiss watches, it has become easier to be deceived. Only a real watch expert can truly tell what the real worth of the watch is.

An unprofessional and inaccurate evaluation of your device could cost you thousands of dollars. Obviously, it bears great significance. At REPEATER, we only offer authentic Swiss watches.

What criteria does REPEATER consider when evaluating watches?

What matters most is the age of your watch. Another important factor is the condition of the smaller parts, such as the crown and hands (which are easily damaged), and the mechanism’s accuracy. And, last but not least, the appearance must be considered. It is vital to note minor scratches on the dial, case scuffs, and accompanying accessories like the box and certificate. Everything matters.

How can I get my watch evaluated at REPEATER?

The most accurate way to evaluate your watch is to have it examined in our office. We can also have our expert visit your home or office. Our expert will be there in no time to evaluate your watch. From the evaluation, you will learn the real price of your watch and are free to decide whether you want to sell it or not. If you decide to sell your watch to or through us, you would then come to our office in order to collect your money.

You can request an online evaluation right now by filling out the above form. Please be aware that this evaluation method is still superficial and cannot compete with an extremely thorough, in-person examination conducted by one of our watch experts. The expert takes time to provided a detailed examination of the mechanism, which is why an online evaluation cannot match it in terms of accuracy. The final price will only be calculated after the expert completes a thorough examination of your device.

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