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REPEATER is a well known watch shop based in Dubai. We at REPEATER have 5 years of experience in the field of horology. On our website and in our office, you will find exclusive Swiss watch models from the world’s best watch houses.

Our expertise, good name, and our high quality service have made us one of the most reliable and influential shops in Moscow. See it for yourself. Please look through our catalogue and find the most luxurious models, which we offer to our most valued customers.

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Sell your watch in our REPEATER shop

If you are looking for a good place where you can sell your Swiss watch, REPEATER buys luxury models and offers you the highest quote possible. Our experts will examine your watch and pay you according to its true value.

This is not another pawn shop; we are ready to offer a quote which equals your watch’s true worth. We guarantee total discretion. No one will ever learn where you sold your watch or what price you were paid.

We understand that our clients are busy people who value their time, which is why REPEATER offers free online evaluations. You tell us all that we need to know about your watch by filling out our form, and we will schedule a time for our expert to visit you. We will tell you everything you need to know in order to sell your watch.

What is online evaluation and how does it work?

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To make the evaluation of your Swiss watch easier, REPEATER offers free online evaluations. You fill in a form on our website and describe your watch in detail, adding pictures of it. Based on this description and photographs, our experts can calculate a preliminary estimate for your item.

After this point, all you have to do is visit our shop and collect your money. In most cases, the preliminary estimate that was given after the free online evaluation equals the final price that you will get. You have to keep in mind, however, that in order to give you a final price, our experts need to have a closer look at your watch at our office.

REPEATER: Resale shop

REPEATER is known all over Moscow as an integral part of the Swiss watch industry. After 5 years of dedicated work, we have proved our expertise in selling authentic Swiss watches. We are known as the most reliable and influential watch shop and as a good partner that offers good prices to its clients. If you have questions related to the work processes of our resale shop, feel free to request a call back:

Swiss Watches in REPEATER

If you are looking for a location in Moscow where you can find luxury brand Swiss watches, then let us first compliment you on your good taste. You have chosen the best kind of watch. Swiss watches are not mere accessories which measure time. A Swiss watch means reliability, class, and reputation. It is a sign of your prosperity, which lets those around you know that the person standing next to them isn’t just successful, but also spends their money very strategically.

We are hoping that REPEATER will end your ongoing search for a pre-owned Swiss watch dealer. Here you will find authentic Swiss watches manufactured by the best watch brands like Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Rolex and many more. You can view the brands list in our catalogue.

You can also buy pre-owned Swiss watches in our shop. It helps you save money because you will get a very well-priced, authentic Swiss watch, which will also come with a warranty.

We also sell Swiss watch accessories such as bracelets and straps. A wide range of leather straps and bracelets with different types of buckles are available.

If you were looking for a simple pawn shop, REPEATER can also help you. We are ready to offer a free evaluation for Swiss watches and pay good money for them. We also offer our watch repair services and are ready to examine your device, test it, and make minor repairs. Your watch will look polished and run well!

If you are a real Swiss watch lover, then we are hoping to become your good friend.